Hello friends.

We are now back from across the pond. 
We loved every minute. (Minus the down pours of rain)
These are our lovely mentor teachers from TLES. 
They rock and we've learned so much from them. 

Since then: Natalie and Katie graduated from Western Kentucky University. HOLLER.
We sat together and walked the stage together. It was a special moment, and crazy to look back on our three years at WKU.

Much love,



North Berwick.

We happened on a picture on google of a rock in the middle of the ocean. We thought it looked neat. It's location was conveniently a half hour from Edinburgh off the coastal town of North Berwick. It was called Bass Rock. Google it.

Because we thought the rock was so cool, we took a boat tour out to see it. There were waves. Puffins. Three momma seals and a baby seal. Millions of birds over head. And poop on Katie's head. (Highlight)

Bass Rock is a volcanic island home to a lighthouse, prison, and ruins of an old church building. Also home to a 150,000 white birds called gannets. Also home to 300,000 bird droppings. The sound and the smell was intoxicating. Inspite of the bird poop in hair, this really was our favorite part of the trip.

We took a stroll on the beach and Natalie collected her favorite souvenir of the trip, sea glass.

Our most shocking find on the beach...

Somewhere out there a grandpa is having trouble eating.

Two American girls flying by the seat of our pants, making our own plans, following our own schedule, is a good feeling. (Especially when you're both broke)

Our love to Scotland.


Edin-Bruh, Edin-Borrow, Edin-Burrah, Edin-Berg.

Our last, and current favorite trip, was to the beautiful land of Scotland. We strategically placed ourselves a half hour from the city in a town called Inverkeithing. Our quaint B&B was a two minute walk from the train and bus station, ideal for girls who over-pack.
We were greeted with friendly Scottish faces and felt welcomed and immediately safe.

May 5th happened to be Katie's 23rd birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a day trip into Edinburgh. We fell in love thirty seconds off the train with our first sighting of the city. Edinburgh is surrounded by a mountaneous hillside backdrop wih an ancient caslte placed in the center of the city perched on a hill. Of course that was our first destination stop.
The audio tour was well worth the three extra £'s as we learned so much about the history of the Scotts.

We walked down the Royal Mile, a street full of touristy shops selling Tartan scarves/ kilts/ blankets, and weird looking street performers. We got tricked into buying a scarf of our own. Plus another scarf five minutes later.

We were told that if we went to Edinburgh we had to climb up to Arthurs seat. Sounded like a good spot to rest, maybe eat lunch, drink a little tea. Nope. It was on top. of. a. mountain. Took us two hours to summit. Natalie was wearing leather boots and weezing (Because she recently contracted Hayfever... forreal) and Katie watched from above as Natalie struggled her way to the top. None of that is true. Except for the boots and hayfever. The journey was certainly worth the view. We stayed up there for a while, not only to catch our breath, but because we didn't really want to go down... or to be fair, know how to. I'm sure anyone watching us would've had a good laugh as we tumbled, slipped, bob-sledded, and Parkour'd our way to the bottom.

By then we were starving and the Brithday Princess demanded Pizza Express....so thats were we ate...round two. It was even more delicious the second time.

Edinburgh also has its share of wonderful shopping. We discovered a store called Zara. Did we mention its amazing?? Both Katie and Natalie found a white dress to wear to graduation. Yay! Preview. Yes.

A couple pics of us modeling the dresses...hasn't the English lifestyle done wonders for us? See if you can guess which is Natalies and which is Katies?

Worn out from shopping we decided to take a break and watch Zac Efron's biceps for two hours. (The Lucky One) Even though it cost us $18 for a matinee and a snack, seeing his face on the big screen from 1-3 was glorious. (Sorry Chad and Seth)

A great end to a fantastic weekend.